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Why IT Contractors Like Us

  • Specialist Advisors

    With years of contractor mortgage success and access to over 10,000+ mortgage products, we are unrivalled in our experience

  • 24 hours survey turnaround

    One of the biggest dilemmas our clients face is that they find estate agents leave properties on the market till survey if you don’t use their so-called “in-house” services, so we get your survey booked-in within 24 hours and secure you the property.

  • GUARANTEE to get your dream house or your money back for all expenses

    We offer full movers protection Free of Charge and so if the purchase of your house falls through, we will reimburse you the expenses incurred in the process – solicitor fees, search fees, survey/valuation fees…Basically any property related expenditure back to you if you don’t get the keys.

  • 24/7 Communication

    We appreciate this is the biggest financial transaction of most people’s life and it is an emotional rollercoaster, so we are here to help, contact us 24/7.

  • Free Service

    You may be expecting a fee to pay for this award winning service, although you won’t! Did you know brokers are paid by banks to arrange mortgages, we aren’t greedy like the corporates out there and our only interest is you.

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